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Getting reasonable transportation in Bali can sometimes be a perplexing task.

A good rule of thumb before getting into a taxi is to make sure they will run the meter.

A well known choice is Bluebird Taxi, they are one of the most reliable taxis in Bali, and they do have an app as well now to order one with.

You can use Uber, Grab or Gojek however there are some caveats to this as the local taxi companies are not very happy to share their business.. Some localities have placed “restrictions” on getting picked up via Uber or any other freelance app based driver. For instance: In order to get picked up by Uber at the Denpasar Airport you will have to go up to the International Departures unloading area as the taxi companies try to push them out of the airport completely.

A word to the wise: There is always an element of chaos on the roads in Bali and there are few rules and they are not always abided by. If you’ve never ridden a motorbike, the roads in Bali are not a great place to learn. If you’ve only ever driven in western countries you’ll find it a very different and potentially stressful experience here.

Phone & Internet:

The international phone code in Indonesia is 62. You can use 112 as an emergency number through mobile phones. Other numbers include 110 (police), 113 (fire) and 118 (ambulance).

If you have GSM phone the cheapest way is buying a local SIM card, a starter plan with SIM will cost around 100,000k Rupiah with calling, text and data. A much cheaper than using an international roaming plan.

Most places offer free Wifi though the quality of connection varies widely and few places have a truly fast and stable connection.

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