Yohannes Affandy

Yohannes is the Head of Business Development in PT Dewaweb, a cloud web hosting company in Indonesia launched in 2014. Graduated from Insititut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), his first role in PT Dewaweb was a web developer, a hacker. He then moved to Business Development to start hacking the growth of the company. Now he is leading the team of Marketing, Design, Sales, and Business Development to build Dewaweb as the most trusted cloud web hosting brand in Indonesia.

His hobbies are reading, jogging, and hustling. He is always open for new connections. So, you might wanna connect him through his email: joe@dewaweb.com.

Aris Setiawan

M Aris Setiawan adalah seorang WordPress Developer, dia berkenalan dengan wordpress pada tahun 2015 dan sekarang dia menjadi freelance developer yang utamannya membuat website menggunakan WordPress, dia juga sekarang bekerja di hongkiat.com sebagai developer. Selain menjadi developer, dia juga seorang pecinta desain aplikasi utamanya website, morning as developer, night as designer. dia ingin berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman, walau dia bukan seorang yang expert, dia memiliki motto “Se-sedikit apapun ilmu yang kamu miliki, pastikan untuk membaginya”.

Diana Phillips

“Why?”, “why not?” and “What if?” have stoked Diana’s curiosity and sent her wondering around the world, providing more than a few opportunities for creative problem solving. Navigating agency politics, MacGyvering tents to shield below zero winds from shredding peel coats on car prototypes at Everest base case, street casting in Rome, pacifying celebrity drama, mentoring a fledgling intern and delivering another oh-and-don’t-forget-we-need-that-killer-idea-yesterday are all part of the day. Diana has worked for Multi-National Advertising Agencies including: GTM/JWT, SaatchiLA, Legas Delaney, Ogilvy and others. She’s currently a partner for the Virtual Advertising Agency – The Mouse and The Elephant.

Daniel Vaughn

Daniel has been pushing pixels with Photoshop since PS2. He began working on Linotype Hell workstations and then moved to Photoshop on Macintosh platforms when the technology became viable professionally. Daniel was the owner of a full service photography and imaging studio in California. Most recently he has worked as a Studio Retoucher in Los Angeles for DeutschLA before moving to Bali. He’s currently a partner for the Virtual Advertising Agency – The Mouse and The Elephant.

Niels Lange

Niels helps small and mid size businesses in turning ideas and visions into custom-built WordPress and WooCommerce applications.
After his study in computer science in Germany he moved to The Netherlands, where he worked for several companies as a web developer and a business analyst. Since mid 2014 he’s been traveling through South-East Asia where he fights bugs between palm trees and rice fields. In his free time he enjoys spicy food and reads the Codex. Recently he fell in love with the Genesis Framework.

Eric Daams

Eric Daams is the lead developer of Charitable, a WordPress fundraising plugin for non-profits. A self-taught developer, he started freelance web development in 2009 before co-founding Studio 164a in 2013 with long-time friend and designer Wes Franklin. He lives with his wife and three kids in Darwin, Australia, a stone’s throw from Bali.

Ida Bagus Budanthara

Ida Bagus Budanthara is an IT security enthusiast, he spends his day to learn about web application vulnerability or latest vulnerability application and plays capture the flag ( competitve hacking competition ) to increase his security skills in security real-life problems. He currently works at Fortunato Development and i-SIRIS as junior penetration tester/security analyst and studying at STIKOM Bali.

Josh Habdas

Josh Habdas is a Web developer from Chicago, USA. He started developing websites as a hobby at the age of 15, and now specializes is cloud-based Web infrastructures. He loves building stuff. And not always just software. Josh LinkedIn Profile.

Patrick Woodcraft

Patrick is a prominent media and event host shining the light on the frontline of the radical transformation of society and culture, for the future of life on Earth.

As an advocate for environmentally responsible brands, and an ambassador to eco friendly organisations, Patrick supports organisations that take social and corporate responsibility seriously, and make environmental sustainability a top organisational priority. He shines the light on brands that demonstrate their zero-compromise stance on doing what’s best for people and the planet.

As a voice for future generations, Patrick works with prominent Intentional Community Leaders, Eco Property Developers, Sustainable Builders, and Green Tech Entrepreneurs globally to share the most significant revolutionary concepts with mainstream society.

Patrick’s message of hope for humanity is positive and compelling, inspirational and actionable …

You have a far greater impact than you imagine and
making the change for good is easier than you think!

With a gift for connection and communication, and a love for life on the edge, Patrick’s personal mission is simple and direct …

I Engage and Empower, Educate & Entertain;
Whatever it takes to Inspire people everywhere to
Step up and make the change for good now!

Daphnée Laforest

Daphnée is a Product Manager at Human Made, a leading international WordPress Agency and a WordPress.com VIP partner, that has over 40+ employees, and is operated 100% remotely. Her passion for travel made her quickly adopt a location-independent lifestyle, and develop a massive interest in a flexible work culture. Today, she tries hard to inspire others to do the same.

Povilas Brand

Povilas Brand is a digital architect. A digital architect is a modern business and technology architect that is driven by customer experience to utilize technology to transform business, increase revenue and profitability and improve the competitive position of a business.

Povilas has been living a location independent lifestyle and creating systems for his own projects, as well as other clients.

Frank Warwick

Frank Warwick runs WP-Sitemaster a WordPress Maintenance service. He has been using WordPress for over 12 years and has watched it evolve from an obscure blogging platform to dominate the web development market. Frank’s focus is on fast delivery and security wrapped in a ROI user interface.

Ivan Kristianto

Ivan Kristianto is a WordPress core contributor, plugin developer, WordCamp organizer and WordPress Jakarta Meetup organizer. Love and breath WordPress everyday.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a web developer with 20 years experience and a WordPress Core guest committer. He has a healthy obsession with CSS, PHP and keeping the web fast.
Peter is a WordPress developer at Human Made where he makes websites that scale. He has worked with WordPress since 2009 creating sites for the smallest to largest businesses.

Akeda Bagus

Akeda Bagus is Bekasi-based Code Wrangler at Automattic, previously at XWP, and former Google Summer of Code student. He spends his day wasting Vanilla Latte while trying hard to break the software.

Elliot Taylor

Elliot is WordPress entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, England. Currently he spends his time growing his second SaaS product Superscribe, built on WordPress using the REST API. Elliot is also a co-organiser of WordCamp Brighton, WordUp Brighton and London WooCommerce Meetup. When he’s not busy talking about WordPress he plays blues guitar and surfs.