Wibowo Sulistio

Based in the outskirt of Jakarta, Indonesia, Bowo is just another guy trying to do his bit in life. In love with WordPress since 2010, creator of A web designer and developer who code his designs and also design in code. Always looking for ways to put a (good) dent in the world. A freelancer, a volunteer, an entrepreneur, a believer. Believes in the power of ideas and in following the whispers of the heart. One of those whispers led to, a small nonprofit supporting children with cancer and other high-risk illnesses. This is where he dedicates a big chunk of his pro bono / volunteer efforts. A bit more about his WordPress work

Devin Maeztri


A lifelong learner, Passionate about Internet, Digital Marketing and WordPress development. Founder of Digikref, A Digital Strategy Consulting and Services that focuses on building the right Digital Strategy for clients to increase their reach and visibility online. He also likes to share his thoughts and tips on his blog about Digital Marketing, WordPress and Business.

Frank Warwick

Clicker of mice, cruncher of code, solver of problems. Founder of WP-Sitemaster.

Ivan Kristianto

WordPress Core Contributor and actively grow WordPress community in Indonesia. Organizer of Jakarta WordPress Meetup.

Aaron Portbury

Self confessed coffee snob. WordPress developer, lover of travel and anything tech. Founder of


A Computer Science (Game & Robotic) Collage student, live near Ubud (Abiansemal). Game and Mobile Engineer, and also a WordPress user.

Samuel Tirtawidjaja

Love to discuss about Digital Marketing, Computer Science, Photography and Traveling.Founder & WordPress developer of Fortunato Development.

Derek Smith

Innovator.. Rule Breaker.. Artist.. Catalyst.. Affable.. Paradigm Shifter.. Forward Thinker.. Pragmatic.. Adaptive.. Musical.. Salient.. Risk-Taking Adventurer.. Amongst other things Derek is a WordPress developer, designer and the principal of Timbre Design Studio.

Niels Lange

Freelance WordPress Developer that travels through South-East-Asia since 2014. Loves to develop custom WordPress sites from scratch. Developer of plugins and themes, organizer of bi-weekly WordPress Meetups on Bali, WordPress coach. Spends his free time with eating spicy food while reading the Codex. Challenge him to a spicy food contest or ask him for support via